Backrun is a transmedia project created a long time ago by William-Arno CLEMENT. The action takes place in a near future. 


Thomas is a young man who wastes his life in a dark suburb, and dreams of a better life. While everything is falling apart around him, he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the end of the world.

He never imagined that a team of space-time pirates would come to save him from a timeless killer. A race against time begins, where Thomas will understand the stakes behind this shit, and eventually become a backrunner. 


This project is composed by different art pieces. There is a video game, a web comic, and a light novel (for the moment).

The idea behind the BACKRUN saga is to tell an amazing story where characters will travel space and time to save the human kind from itself.

©2022 BACKRUN. Created by William-Arno « Griffure » Clément. All rights reserved.